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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

AmyLeah Photography: Arizona Event Photographer

It is definitely prom season. I feel like every year the dresses get more poofy, more flashy and definitely way shorter. I saw a girl the other day trying on a dress that consisted of a tube across her chest and a mini skirt and her stomach was see-through covered in a layer of black lace! OH MY! Not my idea of a beautiful high school prom dress...more for a night club. But not these girls. The beautiful girls you are about to view were some of the most classy, polite and truly lady like girls I have met in a long time. No need to show of their bellies or backs to feel beautiful but what was totally awesome was that each of these girls are beautiful inside and out and had no problem letting that true beauty shine. My time spent taking their prom pictures was such a delight. THESE are true women and the kind that any boy would be lucky to  call their own...oh and they were! Some of the best moments of the night was watching these boys admire their dates. Looking back, it might have been wise of me to bring some tissues for each of them to mop up their drool when caught in a daze at the sight of these beauties! I  caught each of them from time to time really cherishing their dates and treating them like real men should! I don't mean to get all preachy and cheesy but there was such an feeling in the air that these couples really got it. True deep respectful friendship...even if they were or were not romantically involved. This is the kind of stuff that people search for in the world and only find cheap love and shallow selfish friendships. These kids got it. They knew what they had and it really was such a pleasure getting to document one of the more exciting days of their high school lives. Thanks for letting me be a part of it! Also, please note the AMAZING corsages and boutonnieres custom made by Bloomingals Floral Design. These girls really are quite talented and offer this kind of custom items for any occasion! What I really love is the packaging. It is always something so different and unique. Thank you so much Bloomingals for your participation in their big day! Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy. :)



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