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Saturday, August 6, 2011

AmyLeah Photography: Arizona Couple Photographer

Good Morning August! Can you believe the summer is already coming to a close? It feels like Christmas just ended. I am ashamed at my blogging efforts. Nonetheless here we are, the end of summer and what a perfect way to cap the summer with a few blog entries. Meet Joanna and Aneurin PART 4! From engagement pictures, to wedding, to one year anniversary to a trash the dress session. We didn't exactly trash the dress but we totally got some wonderful shots at a broken down home in Scottsdale. Poor little house was burnt down and tagged up with graffiti. To make the day even more exciting there was a giant bee hive in the wall of said house and let me tell you- I am NO fan of bees. I kept my eye on that hive the entire day as if I could do something if they decided to come out and attack us all. Joanna and Anerurin were awesome though- seasoned experts in the art of being photographed! These two are some of my favorite people to shoot because they are virtually up for anything. To make the day even more exciting, an SUV full of people pulled up the the house and threatened to call the cops on us for trespassing. A half hour session was all we needed and we quickly scurried back to my car to escape our potential arrest! The way I see it, sometimes you have to break the rules to get some fun shots and thats exactly what we did! Without further a-due- Joanna and Aneurins edgy wedding session! Enjoy :)

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