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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AmyLeah Photography: Arizona Headshot Photographer

Meet Danielle. A beautiful woman going off to college at NAU this fall. ALSO she is my sweet sweet cousin and good friend. MAN o' MAN I am going to miss her like crazy! Last fall we did some pretty fun shots of her simply for the fun of it! This was not hard and turned out to be one of my favorite sessions because did I mention she is beautiful??? She is a model for sure! I had so much fun running up and down random neighborhood streets almost getting hit by cars and running in the desert finding snakes with her. She is such a major blessing in my life and if I had to describe our relationship with one word, it would be LAUGHTER! We love to laugh, and when we are together, we do ALOT of it! She is my sunshine and this post is a "See Ya Later" for the next few years as we will see one another very little. I love you Cousin! ENJOY!

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