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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AmyLeah Photography: Arizona Baby Photographer

Do you remember this little munch?? Little Miss Jael Renee, my sweet niece, born February 2, 2010! Well man has time passed. This little sweetheart could barely open her own eyes here in the above image at 11 days old and now is speeding her way into her 7 MONTH OF LIFE! WOW! She is more girly and noisy and beautiful each day and I am sooooooooo entirely in love with little JJ.

From sitting up in her boppy at 4 MONTHS to her first easter, Jael has had quite the sweet little journey as she is totally brilliant and well....a stone cold cutie pie :) Since these last images I have taken some of her 6 months. Mind you, these were casual couch pictures, it definitely documents her permanent eye color, sweet chubby cheeks and little attitude! I just love her, and I know you all will too! ENJOY!

This next one is dear to my heart because this little sweetums sleeps with her hands behind her head...every time she is put down for a nap or bed time!!! Its so adorable and simply steals your heart!

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Its so exciting watching Jael turn into a little lady before our very eyes! The changes she has already made completely astounds me! She is my love :) I hope you have enjoyed this post and will continue to watch for Miss Jael's journey through life....because we all know I will be close at hand with a camera :) 

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