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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AmyLeah Photography: Arizona Baby Photographer

Welcome little Sammy!!! I am terribly late in posting Samuel's baby session, he is now growing like a weed and as big and noisy as ever. I met little Sammy's parents Sam and Teresa with my fiance Christopher when Teresa was prego and we absolutely adore their sweet family. They have been such delightful light hearted new friends in our lives and we could not ask for anything more. With Jocelyn now as a big sister (no longer the baby), she had to jump into a few shots to get a little attention which was completely adorable because BOY can that girl giggle. She could not stop laughing at the fact that I told her to "sit on your bum" so I could get a snap of her sweet smile. "BUM!" she would say as she snickered...."BUM!" hehehe...."AAA....BUM!" heheh she repeated for the rest of my time in their beautiful home. It was absolutely hilarious! Needless to say I had a great time with Teresa and her little sweeties as we documented Sammy's handsome features....ENJOY!!

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