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Saturday, August 21, 2010

AmyLeah Photography: Favorite Dessert Place in California!

Christopher and I had an opportunity to get our engagement pictures this past July in California! We could not take the long trip over without stopping in to one of my absolute favorite dessert joints! What is it called you might ask??? Extraordinary Desserts!! Fitting right? Every time I have had the privilege to stop on in for some delectable treats, they have wowed me and sent me away full of sugar :) My favorite! Extraordinary Dessert has the most wonderful desserts fresh from their kitchen including beautiful cookies, cakes, pies, macaroons, fruit tarts, coconut cream, homemade ice-cream in wild flavors like honey and black berry, cinnamon and fig etc....Need I explain anymore? Its absolutely a treat to even look at the daily deliciousness that is never the same as the last time you came! The decor is one of a kind and beautiful. The cool thing is that they sell their own handcrafted tea leaves, chocolates, gift items, greeting cards, coffee beans, dishes, tea cups etc. Its the most unique place to even go to visit. The workers and so friendly as they are willing to describe each dessert like decedent mouse and fudge cake graces with a almond sugar and raspberry syrup medley, topped with a rolled dark chocolate straw, fresh roses and edible gold! What I truly love is all the fresh flowers and beautiful presentation. They will even make entire cakes for you to take home and take specific orders! Its so wonderful and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun or romantic lunch and dessert experience with the one they love. We certainly love it :) ENJOY!

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I think this might have been my most delicious post yet! Feel free to email me for the exact where-abouts if you are interested. Its delicious! 

Amy Leah

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