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Monday, July 19, 2010

AmyLeah Photography: Arizona Baby Photographer

Well well well, would you look at this. I spy with my little eye the CUTEST little BEHINDS in town! The two little cuties in question are Charles and Chelsie! These little buggers are such a blessing to their family and I love them so much! I used to nanny their sisters and brother when they were very young and now the girls are helping me when I watch these new additions! As their first birthday approaches, I thought it was only fair for their mother to have a few shots of their cutie behinds! This session was just for fun and little Charles, or Chuckles as his family has called him, loved being "nakey" but Chelsie, the Red Queen, had a few words to say about it! I hope you enjoy this fresh summer time post of Charles and Chelsie! Enjoy!

I love this next one of Charles being completely protective of little Chelsie, since she didn't like being naked! He loves her :) :) 

Please DO NOT copy, steal or print. These images can be easily shared by passing on my link:

I hope you enjoyed these little cuties as much as I did! They are such a blessing and I love them dearly! If you are interested in availability, products, prices and more information please email me at

Have a wonderful day!

Amy Leah

God is Love.

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