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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AmyLeah Photography: Newborn Session

This sweet little new born is Miss Jael Renee from the previous post. I love my little niece. I can't imagine what it feels like to be a mother when I love this little lady SOOO MUCH when she isnt even my own baby girl. Its amazing! I couldn't help but allow my mind to wonder to the fact that our God is amazing. She was the most anticipated arrival to our family this year and while we were taking long walks with Erin and watching her belly grow, God was knitting Jael in the most specific intricate way. He purposely made Jael for this world to bring him honor and glory and what a blessing it is that we get to be a part of it. I can't help but think that God chose her to be Erin and Josephs daughter and no one elses. That he entrusted them with her life to bring her up knowing Jesus! That's a big deal if you ask me! Anyhow, before her arrival I made her a collection of headbands! 16 to be exact. Some too big for her at the moment so I was only able to use these two in her little photo session. Some are also too small so I plan to save them for other newborns! I hope you take this time to appreciate the little bundle of joys God has given you whether 11days old or 23. No matter the circumstance, it was no accident. ENJOY!
This little precious has been such a joy to get to know! I think IM going to be her favorite :) lol. I hope you enjoyed all of her sweet little pics! If you are interested in any type of session from engagement, wedding, family, toddler, newborn to senior I can do it all! Please email me at!
Amy Leah.
Psalm 139:13

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Amy, that was a beautiful post.