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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thoughts :)

Hello Everyone :)

Today, throughout the day, 4 different people asked/assumed Christopher and I were engaged. Its funny because everyone knew I liked Christopher before I knew I did again..and that the Lord had that in his plan for me, so maybe this is another God-Thing where people know Im engaged before it happens?? I dont know! I love Christopher with all my heart and we know we are getting married but I at least know its not the time yet, due to careers and financial situations but....I do wedding photography; therefore Im around weddings all the why wouldnt I think about this from time to time? Getting married to the man of my dreams....having the perfect, unique wedding!

SO I have a thought: What does anyone think of having a man in the bridal party. There is one person in my life that has played a big role and I feel is very close to me that isnt all that close to my man. So whats so wrong with having him on my side? If Christopher wont have him on his. Even though we were simply talking wedding stuff for kicks and giggles and wernt being serious or planning it made me think whats the big deal? Sure it might look funny but he is very important to me so why should it matter?? Christopher doesnt have any opposing feelings towards this guy, and actually really enjoys him...but his groomsmen one day are to be HIS choice...not mine. Would I be being a jerk if I absolutely made him choose this guy simply for my sake? Im confused! So again I ask: If this person means a whole lot to me why cant I have a guy on my side of the wedding party??? Any comments?

FYI: Christopher and I are NOT engaged but we both know it is in the Lord's plans for us to be married eventually. When and how is still up in the air, as is alot of things on our path following Christ but we are content just waiting and growing together :) On another note, attached to this post are different pictures that I would say are some favs from Manu and Dennis' Wedding I did! They are such a beautiful couple!! Enjoy :)
I believe that is all for tonight :)
Have a good night :)
Psalm 138:8 "The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me."


Georgeanne said...

i don't think that's weird at all! you should be able to have whoever you want be a part of your wedding- it's one of the most important days of your life. who cares if what you want goes against the norm?

AmyLeah said...

Thank you! Its very far in the future but its definitely a dabateable topic! Thanks Georgeanne!

Jessica Stephenson said...

Hey Amy
I think you should totally have the guy in your party. Your wedding should be uniquely yours.

Also, I just saw pics of a wedding where a girl was part of the groomsmen. She wore a tux. It was really cute. :)

I love you!