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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Amy Leah Photography: Personal

Saturday morning's with GiGi. Here in the Sanchez home we have a tradition...Coffee every Saturday morning at 10:30 with Christopher's grandma! Grams to the old kids, GiGi to the new little ones. Its become a routine of ours, a way to stay connected and spend time with family. No matter what a week looks like to Christopher or I, we both know we have Saturday morning to unwind with a cup-o-jo and shoot the breeze with his sweet GiGi Charlotte. It usually ends up that we grab a burrito at Carambas after drinking coffee under the misters. The company fluctuates from saturday to saturday but the tradition stays the same. I love it! These are the moments we will all look back on and remember. Its cheesy but some events are just events and some become a memory. One day I can say "when Christopher and I were dating, married and when we had our first babies (maybe ;) ), we always had Saturdays with GiGi." I love it. It was fun to document this tradition with my new camera to get a little practice in with all  the new doo-dads and wingdings on this thing! I love progressive photos so be prepared to see our Saturday in action! Take a peak into our Saturday tradition: Enjoy :)


Love big mushy cookie smiles :O)

Christopher and I were there...haha <3 you all!
Amy Leah

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congrats with your photos. they looked a lot of fun.