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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Amy Leah Photography: Arizona Wedding Photographer

This year has been crazy it seems. With a new management position at work, being a part of a growing church, joining a Surge table.... I feel like I just don't have the time of day! I love photography. I adore it. It breaks my heart that I don't always have the time to share my stuff and talk about one of the things I love the most! But here we are...7 sessions to blogged in the last 2 hours, new equipment in the mail- and a heavy prayer on my heart that the Lord will grant me more time in the future for blogging. I love it all- the details, the memories, the laughter, the tears, the ooo's ahhhh's and smiles after a client gets to view their photos. I love photography. From this point I am going to just have to trust that the Lord will provide the time to blog as he continues to provide the sessions! Its a good busy when you get to pursue what you love.

Definitely keep checking back- I will be launching a new blog design, new logo and new sessions in the coming months! Amy Leah Photography isn't going anywhere but where the Lord leads! Thank you to everyone who continue to support and love me through this journey!


DROOOOOOLLLLL. Ok thats gross. But really, I just drool over this wedding. All the stunning details, from the bride's gold plated china from her mother to the flowers and the attire for the entire crew...everything was absolutely stunning. AND we got to shoot with horses! I absolutely love horses. I know deep in my heart that I was made to be a horse owner, but my husband Christopher would politely but fervently disagree lol. Ami and Dan's stunning wedding in North Phoenix was absolutely everything a fairytale wedding is meant to be, not to mention Ami and Dan basically won the genetic lottery with their stunning good looks. There children will be blessed with beautiful european features and beautiful flowing hair! I don't want to keep you much longer because you are going to want to see this!!


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