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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hi Everyone! I am so sorry that I havent written in a while! I recently got ANOTHER job along with starting school full time, editing a wedding in a timely manner AND having a family and boyfriend...and sleep...we cant forget sleep! I am ultra busy but I am really excited for all of these new bits of experiences in my life! On a photography note: I bought a logo! Thats right! Say goodbye to the LOGO above that my boyfriend Christopher made me and get ready for something new and edgy! Amber Mabe is a logo designer who agreed to make my AmyLeah Photography logo! I am really excited to have something official coming my way. I will be sharing it with everyone who reads my blog once it is finished and will hopefully be getting a website soon as well! Also! I bought an awesome external hard-drive that will be holding all my pictures that I have cloggin up my computer! Its really good news. Slowly but surely I am building things up so I am really excited!

To bring in some new posts here are some pictures from Carmen and Sorins wedding that I did a while a go :) They were so wonderful to take photos of! I love the backgrounds and colors involved in their special day! Sorry about the muted colors...this blog dulls things and doesnt accept high resolution pictures! It was shot at the Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens and Sun City West! Enjoy :)

Have a wonderful night :)
1 Timothy 6:6 (great verse that has helped me these last couple of weeks!)

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