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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy Life!

I am finally getting a schedule going with this whole TWO jobs, photography, school and family! I am really busy but I am honestly enjoying it!
I got my new business cards yesterday!!! YAY! They are so pretty :) And I should be getting my sketches for my logo today or tomorrow and from there I get to narrow it down! Lastly, I am in the process of getting a website! This is all so exciting!
I just finished my first wedding that I did by myself! I will be posting the link to view ALL of the pictures next week! Stay tuned :)
For now, here are some of my favorite pictures from Adina and Pauls wedding!! Enjoy :) She had the best spirit! She was so sweet and fun! This first picture shows just how cute she was..

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think! You can email me at!

Have a great day :)


1 Timothy 6:6

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Georgeanne said...

i love the one where the bride and groom are running!