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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today is a special day for me :) I am being interviewed for a childrens portrait studio! I thought that it would be only natural for me to post some of my favorite children photos that I have taken so far. I am so excited to possibly get a new day-to-day job! And on top of that, I may get to be behind a camera which is really great!
This first picture is of Raegan. I was able to babysit her and got her to do some posing for me. This is only with an Powershot A560 so the quality is not so great but the expression and her doll-like features makes it worth a post!
These next pictures are her 18mo pictures that I took about a month ago! She is a fiesty little bugger but I got some of her looking and these are my favorites :)

Thats all for today :) God Bless!

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