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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Amy Leah Photography: Arizona Wedding Photographer

Sometimes you come across a wedding and you think to yourself...I wish I did that, or that at my wedding....Though my wedding was beautiful and just the way the Lord intended it, I do this alot. There are so many bridal trends and it literally changes with the seasons! With Lavinia and Bogdan's wedding....I wish I had that dress! It was absolutely stunning. I often swoon over gowns but with this one, there was a story! Lavinia's aunt from California is a top seamstress working for THE Vera Wang! So making a dress from scratch for her niece was not even a question! To top it off, Lavinia saw the dress for the first time just a week before the about confidence. With real diamond buttons trailing the back and a large bow on the side, this dress was absolutely stunning. Good golly!
What was also exciting about this wedding is that the groom, Bogdan Ghet was a second shooter of mine for Raluca and Nick's wedding last year. Its always fun getting to do another photographers wedding...alot of times your ideas just mesh and you are able to get some really great shots! I unfortunately do not have many photos to preview for you with this wedding but take a look below at all of the beautiful details: Enjoy :)

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