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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Amy Leah Photography: Arizona Senior Photograher

Take a look at this guy- what a handsome man! I bet he takes after an older brother....yea thats it. HA! Meet my brother in law, Benjamin. The next boy down from my husband Christopher (Where he gets his good looks lol). In the family he is known as Beans, but now that he is college bound, Benjamin seems more appropriate.

We ventured off to take his senior pictures just last month! This guy comes from Northwest Christian School Class of 2012. The boy knowns how to model, though he has scarcely been in front of a camera, he was definitely working the serious face! We had so much fun with his Tommy Bahama beach outfit, his stunner suit jacket and even some fun in his baseball attire. Overall, I love taking pictures of my family and this session was just a blast.

Benjamin will be joining other college freshman at ASU Main next fall with a full scholarship! We are all so excited for him and everything he is going to accomplish. Enjoy :)

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