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Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet my most favorite little people in the world! The Sichrovski Family has been a part of my life since I was very young. I babysat each of these little guys since they were itty bitty and have grown up loving on them and seeing them turn into beautiful smart young ladies and little gentlemen :) When they would want to stay up with me and not go to bed, I used to put on boring movies in assurance that they would get bored of the movie and pass out...worked every time! I just adore the love and friendship I have developed with this amazing family of 7. Marg, Abby, the two older girls, and I simply love our girl nights together with british accents and good solid giggles! WELL! Their fun little family session took place at Anthem Park near their beautiful home. We had so much fun juggling the twins, stuffy noses, the urge to run to the play ground and some intense wind! The best part is, I have fun with all of them every time not matter the conditions. Everyone was so corporative and we just had to find some really great areas to hide from the winds intense pressure! I hope you enjoy this session! Feel free to comment below :) Enjoy!

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