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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ok I am really sad that I have neglected this blog! Its simply because I have a facebook that I post all my new things on! You can go to facebook and search for me as Amy Fameli and find my things there! Anyhow here is a much needed update. I did some family pictures of my soon to be in laws! YUP! Christopher and I are engaged as of December 23 (my birthday). So look forward to some wedding updates, ideas and planning fun right here on my blog! Anyhow, It was fun, on thanksgiving day and it was perfect weather! We took these pictures specifically for a frame that Christopher's mother has for over her bed but I think we all look pretty good eh? Enjoy :)

As of this last picture, you can see that my older sister Erin is pregnant :) She is due in the next three weeks! She is having a cute little girl and I cant wait to take newborn pics that will be posted right here on my blog! (and on facebook). Look forward to that for sure! :)

Have a blessed day :)

Amy Leah.
Psalm 26:3

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